My name is Rebecca and I live on the Surrey/Hampshire borders with my husband and 16 year old daughter.  Iíve always loved taking photos since getting my first real camera for Christmas when I was 9,  New Year was spent snapping anything and everything that moved.

 Over the years it used to cost me a fortune as I always used to put my films in to the store for developing in an hour as I could never wait to see the photos.  My first digital camera was a revelation, no more waiting, I could see the photos as soon as I had taken them, and getting a photo printer to print my photos at home, wow I was in heaven.


 Iíve now moved on to Digital SLR and love it,  photography then became a serious hobby,  people have always said my photos have been great but now they are fantastic. After working for numerous years in an office environment  Iíve now decided to take my passion further.

I believe that these days deciding to have photographs taken of yourself, your children, your family, your pets by a professional photographer can be an expensive business.


I have been asked by many of my family and  friends and friends of friends to take photos of their parties, Christenings and of them and their children, theyíve all given me great feedback about their photos and suggested that I should be doing it for a living, so after a lot of thinking and talking with my partner I decided why not give it a go. 


In the Galleries you will see a selection of the photos that I have taken and if you like what you see and would like me to take photos for you then please email me and I will contact you straight back.

Many thanks for looking at my site and I hope to hear from you soon.


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